Alarm Monitoring

the highest level of security monitoring Available.
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Secure your peace of mind with our cutting-edge ASIAL Certified Grade A1 alarm monitoring service. Experience the ultimate protection for your home or business and take control of your safety like never before. Our advanced monitoring technology keeps a watchful eye on your premises 24/7, ensuring swift response to any potential threats.

With our alarm monitoring, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits that go beyond simple security. Our highly trained team of experts is constantly monitoring your property, ready to respond to an emergency at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s a break-in, fire, or medical emergency, we’ve got you covered.

Gain an extra layer of defence against burglaries and intrusions with real-time alerts. Our system instantly notifies you and our monitoring team at the first sign of any suspicious activity, allowing for immediate action. Say goodbye to false alarms and wasted resources, as our smart technology accurately filters out non-threatening events, ensuring a prompt response only when it matters.

Worried about your property when you’re away? Our remote access feature lets you stay connected no matter where you are. Monitor your alarm system, view live camera feeds, and even control other smart devices through a user-friendly mobile app. Stay in control of your security at all times, ensuring your loved ones and valuable assets are safe and sound.

Not only does our alarm system monitoring offer unrivalled protection, but it can also help you save on insurance premiums. Many insurance companies recognise the added security provided by professional monitoring and offer discounts to customers who invest in such systems. It’s a win-win situation: safeguard your property while enjoying cost savings.

Invest in the peace of mind you deserve. Our alarm monitoring is a vital tool in safeguarding what matters most to you. Don’t leave your security to chance—join the thousands of satisfied customers who trust our reliable monitoring service. Contact us today and take the first step towards a safer, more secure future.


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  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Medical/Duress Monitoring


Did you know?

Grade A1 alarm monitoring represents the highest, most secure form of alarm monitoring under Australian Standard 2201.2-2001. It requires independent certification that a security company’s monitoring facility meets the rigorous technical and security requirements of being a Grade One/A1 facility. It means the facility is able to continue providing effective alarm security monitoring services to customers even in extreme circumstances involving natural disaster or attempted sabotage.

Alarm monitoring stations are graded according to their internal security, their monitoring system integrity and their alarm action time.

Building services and construction are graded on a scale from A to C (“A” being most resistant to attack). Operation, equipment and staff are graded on a scale from 1 to 3 (“1” having the highest performance).

The most secure and technically capable stations are designated Grade A1.