Alarm Systems

97% of alarm activations are false, That’s Why Leader's Video Verified Alarm Systems Makes Sense

Whilst standard alarm monitoring is effective, it does little more than notify the security monitoring centre that something has triggered a blind detection device, without a physical inspection there is no way of verifying an intrusion has taken place. Upon inspection the security provider or home owners can then notify the Police that a break in has taken occurred. Standard Alarm Monitoring is NOT designed to catch intruders.

On the other hand Visual Verification provides instantaneous visual notification of an intrusion, Visual Verification allows the Security Monitoring Centre to contact the Police directly for a response, the Police respond knowing they are attending a crime in progress. The likelihood of catching an intruder in the act is significantly greater.

On the flip side, should an activation turn out to be false, the activation is simply disregarded and you are not disturbed.

Key Features to Visual Verification