NBN Solutions

the NBN and your security system

The issues of home & business security systems no longer working when you switch to the NBN have been well documented in the media.

Leader Security have the answer!! It’s Permaconn, your premises need not go unprotected any longer!!

So how does Permaconn protect your home and business?

It’s widely known that thieves cut telephone lines in order to disable alarm systems. So what’s the solution? Permaconn can supply you with an affordable alarm communication system that utilises GPRS to link you to our Central Monitoring station. That means no more PSTN telephone lines. 

So what is Permaconn?

Permaconn is a small add on device that provides your security system with up to 4 communication paths with our control room.  Permaconn removes the need for connecting your alarm panel to the standard PSTN telephone line to allow vital status communication.

The simple facts

Your current alarm system is only as good as your telephone line and this makes you very vulnerable. In an emergency your message must get through and the only way to ensure this happens is with Permaconn’s wireless connection. This ensures that your alarm message is received by the Central Monitoring station without the need for phone lines.

You’ll save more than your property

Alarm panels may make a phone call every time the panel is armed / disarmed / tested or when an alarm message is sent back to the Central Monitoring station. When a Permaconn signaling device is attached all messages are sent using the GPRS network, saving daily telephone costs.